The submission of this document allows the applicant to be considered as a vendor of CareerSource Palm Beach County (CSPBC). CSPBC reserves the right to request additional information regarding the applicant’s administrative, financial and legal status, and to visit the applicant’s facilities during normal and reasonable working hours. The submission of this document does not entitle the applicant to any rights, fees or services. Failure to submit a complete application will result in the application being rejected.


School / Institution Information

Please provide copy of Articles of Incorporation

Please provide copy of fictitious name certificate.
Provide a copy of licenses & Accreditation for each location courses will be offered.

School / Institution licensing and Accreditation Information

Reporting to FETPIP is a CSPBC requirement. Copies of the last two (2) FETPIP reports must be provided to CSPBC.
Copy of accreditation letter required

School / Institution Training Provider Category

Certification and Acknowledgement